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Experience & Results Matter -  Over 20 Years of Legal Experience!


Knoxville Mortgage Issue & RESPA Lawyer

Defending Homeowners Throughout Tennessee

Attorney Brent S. Snyder can help you put an end to your mortgage or housing problems. 

Large mortgage companies can be prone to errors. Often times when consumers try to get these problems resolved on their own, they are faced with the "run around". If your mortgage company is causing a problem that you have been unable to solve on your own, our mortgage and housing attorney can help you fight for your rights.  

In a perfect world, mortgage companies would always consider the interests of owners and renters. The reality is that these parties often make mistakes or violate laws protecting consumers from unfair business practices. Families and individuals who have been victimized by these practices deserve compensation and justice.

We handle a wide range of mortgage and housing cases including:

  • Adding unfair or unauthorized fees to your payments, rent balance, or loan balance

  • Escrow account errors - setting payments too high, failing to pay taxes or insurance

  • Failure of mortgage companies to correct errors 

  • Failure to properly credit payments in a timely manner

  • Improper credit reporting or damage to credit scores by mortgage companies

  • Improper handling of escrow accounts 

  • Predatory refinancing practices

  • Problems caused by attempts to obtain a loan modification

  • Unresponsive to written requests from homeowners / renters


RESPA is the federal law that protects homeowners from illegal conduct by mortgage companies. If your mortgage company breaks the law in the course of doing business with you, you may be able to sue that company under RESPA.

Attorney Brent S. Snyder helps homeowners who are trying to obtain mortgage loan modifications and homeowners who are having other problems with mortgage companies.

We can negotiate on your behalf for a mortgage loan modification, and if your rights have been violated by a mortgage company, we can help you file a lawsuit if needed. It is unfortunate but sometimes it takes a lawsuit for a mortgage company to right their wrongs. If you’ve been harmed in any way by a mortgage company’s actions, you may even be able to receive damages.

Contact A Knoxville Mortgage & RESPA Attorney

If you have a mortgage or RESPA claim, consumer protection lawyer Brent S. Snyder can file suit on your behalf to force the company to correct their error. We may even be able to obtain monetary damages and compensation for you as well. 

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