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Consumer Rights Lawyer 

Consumer Rights Attorney on Your Side 

Attorney Brent S. Snyder advocates on behalf of consumers who have been wronged by creditors, advertisers, banks and lenders, collection agencies, car dealers, and credit card issuers.

Our  consumer protection attorney handles consumer protection cases. The vast majority of our clients seek answers to questions they have about consumer rights or unfair debt collection practices. 


Do you have a consumer protection case? Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Credit Reporting (click to learn more)

Are there errors on your credit report? The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 protects your credit reporting rights by requiring that consumer reporting agencies furnish accurate and complete information. Having an accurate credit report is important. We can help protect your rights. 

Debt Collection (click to learn more)

Cases involving debt collectors can be particularly complex as there are a variety of complicated laws surrounding the act of debt collection. If you are a debtor who is being pursued by a collector, you have rights – we can help you protect them while representing your best interests.

  • You are being harassed by a debt collector - there are strict regulations governing debt collection practices. 

  • You are being sued by a debt buyer, debt collector or original creditor- debt buying is a fast-growing business. Often, these debts are found to be undocumented or illegally enforced by the debt buyer.

  • Your car has been repossessed - you should be sent certain notices before your car is to be repossessed. 

Lemon Law (click to learn more)

Have you bought or leased a new car, SUV or truck with a defect or problem that the dealer cannot or will not fix or repair? If so, you bought or leased a “lemon.” Buying a lemon creates major headaches for the purchaser or the person who leased the vehicle. Under the Lemon Law, a manufacturer can be forced to take back the vehicle and provide a new one and pay damages.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (click to learn more)

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that governs the content and regulation of consumer product warranties. The Act protects consumers’ rights by detailing the obligations of warrantors that offer written warranties with their consumer products. The Act also limits the restrictions that can be placed on implied warranties.

Mortgage Issues & RESPA (click to learn more)

The laws regarding high-interest loans and mortgages are complex – the average homeowner or borrower may not be aware of the laws. 

  • Have an issue with your mortgage

  • You are the victim of predatory mortgage lending


**Under the federal Truth in Lending Act - all lenders are required to disclose the true costs of a loan.

Telemarketing Abuse (click to learn more)

Are you constantly bombarded with intrusive and unwanted telemarketing calls? Has your privacy been invaded, leaving you frustrated and vulnerable? If you have experienced telemarketing abuse, our dedicated telemarketing abuse lawyer is here to fight for your rights and seek justice on your behalf.

Contact a Consumer Rights Lawyer For Help


Contact consumer law attorney Brent S. Snyder today for a FREE CONSULTATION and case review. If an individual or company has violated your rights, you deserve an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney to stand by your side.

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